Amber & Codi share so much laughter and joy. They had mishap after mishap and never stopped smiling!

What a wonderful day!

The First Look

I adore First Looks. Not every couple does them and that's ok. But those faces when they do. *Priceless*

The Ceremony

This ceremony sight was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. With blooming trees, a pond, and draping flowers it was a stunning backdrop.

The Venue

The Ponds of Coldwater

As far as venues go, this is one that I could spend HOURS taking pictures there. Everywhere you turn is a new photo opportunity. Absolutely gorgeous.

The Flowers

Amber Cole & Family

More and more I am seeing brides doing their own flowers. It amazes me how talented my brides are! Amber had some help from her Mother and Aunt as well. Way to go ladies, they are beautiful!

The Cake

Shell's Sweet Creations

How lucky, Ambers Aunt owns a bakery and did their cake, it was SO cool. The third layer was a plexiglass cube that the flowers were coming out of. It was beautiful and very unique.

The Trucks!

Maria's Sunnyside Cafe & Kona Ice

They had a food truck AND a snow cone truck. When I tell you both were a hit I mean it. Dinner was amazing. Each kid had at least 5 snow cones I think. haha

The Fun Stuff

This day was so much fun and had so many photo opportunities. The weather was perfection and Amber & Codi are two of the nicest people. I wish them all the best!