Amy and Josh had such a wonderful day! Michigan provided the perfect weather and every detail of their wedding day was wonderfully planned.

The Ceremony

The flower girl NAILED it with the literal throwing of flowers and not an eye was dry as the two said their vows. Josh looked at Amy as she walked down the isle with love bursting through.

The Venue

Kalamazoo Country Club

I grew up in Kalamazoo so to have a wedding at the Country Club was SO COOL. lol A beautiful venue, the staff was super helpful, the food was delicious. I can't say enough good things!

The Hunt

Amy and Josh are big hunters and I loved the underlying Hunting theme! A unique way to showcase the couples interests!

The Cake

Sam's Club

Whaaaat, this cake was so pretty, I couldn't believe it was from Sam's! Three tiers, white, chocolate, and marble, plus they had a sheet cake cut for all their guests.

The Fun Stuff

So much laughter and love all wrapped up in the perfect day!