I met Kaytlin and Devon when we did their engagement session. We were fast friends and had a blast. Their wedding day was no different. The rain didn't even make them miss a beat. It was a day filled with laughter and love.

The Ceremony

Due to Covid there were some last minute personnel changes and grandpa gave us all a little scare (he's ok) but the rain stayed away for the ceremony . The mothers lit the unity candles and everything else was flawless. a beautiful fall wedding.

The Venue

River Dell Venue

I truly hope I get to shoot here again. The Barn is gorgeous and the property has a million perfect places for photos. The owners were helpful and super nice. There is plenty of space for the bride and groom to get ready, it's a great venue if you are looking!

The Rain

Well the rain held off for the ceremony but started as we began family portraits. Kaytlin and Devon didn't pay it any mind. The wedding party had a blast, I broke out some fun clear umbrellas and we embraced the Michigan Fall Day.

The Bar

This awesome little bar is actually owned by the venue! They hire bartenders and you can have your own specialty his and hers drinks. Kaytlin & Devon talked me into trying the pineapple cider from a local brewery and it was soooo good. Only had one though, gotta drive!

The Cake

This cake was covered in sunflowers and looked delicious! Devon and Kaytlin sure made a mess trying to feed each other though. My face hurt from laughter.

The S'Mores!

The party favors were S'MORES. AH! Enough in each pack to make 2. I love a good fire and theses two were the first (adults) to roast their marshmallows!

The Fun Stuff

Fall hits different, colors are more vibrant, crisp air gives you a boost, sweets abound. I love Fall. What a beautiful day!