Stunning. This entire day was absolutely stunning. I have no other words.

The Venue

Grand Rapids Downtown Market

This was my first time here. I want to live here. I am OBSESSED. The plants and strings of lights create an amazing romantic environment for weddings. They have areas for the bridal party to get ready and outdoor photos in the area are great!

The Ceremony

LOOOOK how pretty this is. I felt like I was in a dream. The ceremony was sweet and funny and suited Tara & Mike so well.

The Flowers

The Bridal Party!

The Flowers and the decor were all done by the bridal party and their families; with a special shoutout to Casey Cochran who slaaaaaayed the details and set up!

Macaroons and Donuts

The Fun Stuff

I will remember this wedding for a very long time. The venue, the people,

the happiness