FORTY YEARS MARRIED!! That is no small accomplishment!

The Ceremony

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Coldwater, MI

Saturday their children and grandchildren stood with them while they re-affirmed their love for one another in front of family and friends. It was a beautiful and happy service in an equally as beautiful church!

The Venue

The Ponds of Coldwater

Bright, Breezy, and Beautiful! A large venue with many ponds (as the name suggests) but also amazing landscaping and privacy. The DJ sang us into dinner, a delish taco bar(not pictured). Lupe never had a gown for their first wedding so she glowed a little extra as Tim sashayed with her around the dance floor. It was the perfect afternoon for a vow renewal.

The Family

Children and grandchildren surround these two. Joy and happiness and love. I don't have words to describe the look in Tim's eyes when he looks at Lupe or the way Lupe lights up when he kisses her cheek. Anyone who is lucky enough to know this family is truly blessed.

The Fun Stuff

Lupe and Tim have spent their lives building it together and it shows. They are what I imagine living your best life looks like. With love and family and togetherness. Here's to many more years together!