Covid Strikes

Brooke got a hold of me after having to cancel a planned ceremony in Hawaii. Covid 19 had derailed their plans but not their desire to have water and family near. So, on June 20th, the Summer Solstice, Brooke and Gunnur got married at an amazing little AirBnB in South Haven, Michigan. The clouds came in and gave us relief from the heat as well as some spectacular photos.

AirBnB, South Haven, Michigan

This AirBnB proved to be the perfect backdrop for Brooke and Gunnars day. It had spectacular views of Lake Michigan and gave them ample space to get ready for the ceremony. Brooke was nervous as all get out and Gunnar was anxious to see his BEAUTIFUL bride. The sun bloomed in glorious rays as Brooke walked down the isle. Tears may have been shed :)

The Ceremony

The ceremony was short and very loving as Gunnar and Brooke read their own vows while trying not to start sobbing. Parents and siblings looked on with teary eyes as well. I learned that should they ever have a son, his name will, without a doubt, be named Peter, after Gunnurs father and carrying on a tradition generations old. How stinkin cute is that? Brooke agreed, with ease.

The Rings

Initially, these two were supposed to get married in Hawaii; because of this Gunnars ring is fashioned with and ancient wood native to Hawaii; Koa. So even in Michigan they still had some of that Aloha spirit with them. I absolutely LOVED this detail!

The Cake

The cake was a simple Vanilla with Buttercream frosting and a delicate drizzle of purple accent around the top. It fir perfectly with the couples engagement photos from Hawaii!

The Fun Stuff

Despite being in South Haven we could not find a beach to shoot on due to all f the erosion happening on Lake Michigans shoreline. Let me tell you, that did not hinder me at all. We had a blast, found some AMAZING locations and even got on heck of a beautiful sunset. Congratulations to two of the sweetest, kindest couples who didn;t let a pandemic dampen their plans. They celebrated as if this was the plan all along, fate is funny that way. I am so happy I was able to be a part of it all!