Covid Strikes Again

I met Megan and Justin at their engagement session and the spark was clear from the beginning. We had a fabulous time dancing around in a Sun Flower field and talking about the wedding to come. Then COVID. The location ended up changing to a family members home. Let me tell you, I know this was stressful for them to plan. But it was PERFECTION. It was as if the wedding was meant to be there all along!

Private Residence, Diamondale, Michigan

Not their first choice but this location was just lovely! The sun was shining, it wasn't too hot or too cold. There was a wonderful breeze and the view was spectacular. Chairs were set up in front of a large geometric archway with babies breath lining the isle. The reception was inside a MASSIVE tent that easily accommodated everyone. So many details went into this day!

The Ceremony

I tend to witness quite a few ceremonies but this one was especially sweet. The officiant was charming and witty and knew how to make people smile. It was just the right length and left me with a giant smile on my face.

The Brand

These two made their very own brand! It was such a cool thing! It was on the bouquet, Megans shoes, hats, a belt buckle, and various other items. I was fully impressed and they put SO much thought into it. The leather-work was spot on. What a wonderful detail to have.

The Flowers

Bouquets of babies breath, hydrangea, and eucalyptus were hand made by the bridal party! That's one talented group of people!

The Cake..... and Donuts!

What's better than cake? How about cake and donuts? The cake was done by Cakes-a-Blooming and was absolutely gorgeous. The donuts were from a local Cider Mill called Country Mill Orchard & Cider Mill. The whole tent smelled like donuts!

The Fun Stuff!

Where do I even start!? The horses and carriage? The rediculously adorable grandparents? That sunset?? How about I just let the photos do the talking.