This day was so wonderful! Levi & Sarah are perfectly matched.

The Venue

Sugared Lavender Barn

I love this venue. It is a barn but doesn't feel like one. It is bright and open and has a beautiful ceremony site as well!

The Ceremony

Episode 629, The One Where Sarah and Levi get Married.

The Branding Ceremony

This was a really cool part of the ceremony. Levi made them a brand. I've never seen anything like it during a ceremony!

The Flowers

Lings Moment

This is an online vendor that does any absolutely amazing job. The hold up great and photograph wonderfully. Always happy to see them at a wedding.

The Cake & Cupcakes

Blu Jean's Bakery

Cupcakes, cake, sugared blueberries. Simple perfection.

The Bike

The Fun Stuff

I had such a blast with these two. They are surrounded by so much love. I wish them all the best!