When I first met Stephanie & Gene it was such an easy transition from potential clients to friends. They are both so warm and inviting and FUNNY. Their wedding day had so much laughter and joy, I felt immediately welcomed, somehow my job didn't quite feel like a job. The weather was PERFECTION on top of all the other loveliness.

Getting Ready

D. Knights Designs


The National House Inn Bed & Breakfast

The ladies started out getting hair and makeup done at D Knights Designs. They have the COOLEST room in the basement where the bride and her guests could hang out, listen to music, and get ready for the ceremony. The National House Inn was where everyone finished their ensembles. It is a beautiful historic bed and breakfast. The details in that place where overwhelming. I could feel the history as I walked through.

The Venue

Schulers Restaurant & Pub

Did you know Schulers hosts events?! Not only is the food AMAZING but it was a beautiful ceremony. The staff was friendly and overly helpful. Everything went off without a hitch! Or with ONE I suppose!

The Horse & Carriage

Marshall Carriage Co.

What an absolute Fairy Tale! I got to ride in this! I know, I know, the day is about the bride and groom but seriously, how cool is this!? The owner was so accommodating and knowledgeable. He even helped out with locations for shooting. The day was beautiful and we enjoyed tooling around the lovely town of Marshall.

The Fun Stuff

The Hilarity Ensued

When going for the roof shot I forgot my stool. Being a mere 5'1" this meant that their background would be a lovely parking ramp cement wall. So a friend of the couple offered his shoulders. I was... hesitant. BUT finally convinced it would be fine and desperately wanting a better shot, I obliged.

WELL WORTH IT! I couldn't stop laughing and the shot turned out fantastic ;)

Yeah, that's me

That view though!